From a very large list of goals, I have decided with all my wisdom that these 9 goals are the ones I want to improve throughout this term:

Time Management:

This is important for me because like most teenagers, I am a professional procrastinator.


Time after time I have been put in groups were the role of leadership gets put on me, so I want to make sure I do a good job.

Independent Research:

Many times, instead of having a second go at something, or aproaching it from a different point of view, I go to others, which I know won’t be possible in future, so I want to fix it before it’s too late.

Multiple Intelligences:

I come from a very academic background where we all think very logically so I think it would be important to move to more creative ideas.

Divergent Thinking:

This is very similar to the previous one in the sense that I need to improve my creativity, because I have trouble with it and I am better at doing set tasks.

First Aid:

I do a full contact Karate (Kyokushin Karate) in which people do get bruised, and on the off occasion that someone does get hurt, I want to be able to help. First aid is also a requirement if you wish to get your black belt.


This is very similar to Independent research, in which I said that I have the bad habit of going to others, and I want to improve on that.

Strong Self-Esteem:

Through primary school, I found the work of my year level too simple, so I was always able to achieve things with next to no effort, so coming into an accelerated program and not being able to achieve things right off the bat, I give myself a hard time and put myself down and a strong self-esteem would help greatly towards that.


Similar to time management, I, like most teenagers, have trouble with organisation. But it also goes back to my brother, who was a role model to me and still is and he is very disorganised.


One thought on “Goals

  1. Hi David,

    Your choice of goals resonates with me – I think that this term will support you in your efforts to improve across all 3 of the areas.

    I’ll do my best not to be a ‘fixer’ for you & your group if and when you run into challenges with your team project. It’s a good reminder for me – I’ll invite you to let me know when you need me to be active in terms of problem solving – otherwise, I’ll just ask you to guide me through your process & might ask clarifying questions.

    There are so many approaches to leadership – my personal favourite is known as ‘servant leadership’ – which is less top-down and more inclusive – the leader demonstrates their commitment to the team and shares in the tasks – they function as a mentor & hopefully inspire team members to step up through their own example. I encourage you to play around with different styles this term – see which one suits your personality 🙂

    Good Luck!!


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