Options Week Reflection

OPTIONS TRAIL! What a day that was.

For our group, it was quite a success. The most unexpected part was the amount of information we got from our interview with the General Manager of the Weekly Review (Trent Casson). We learnt a lot of which we hadn’t previously even explored! It was a whole new perspective for us. We’d never gone over the fact that local newspapers are thriving more than ever because of all the big newspapers moving to the digital media. Next time, if there will be a next time, I would love to improve our surveys a bit. Things like ages would have added a lot to our collected information, such as knowing which age groups are fine with the movement to digital news. Another thing I would of loved to do would have been set up more interviews with other people in the Journalism business, not just a General Manager. It would have been nice to get an interview with someone more along the lines of a journalist, who could tell us how they are getting affected by the switch. Apart from that our Options Trail went just as planned. As opposed to our Mini Trail, we all lead our group together, when last time I had to take the role of leader. This time around Aidan decided to take the interview, which last time he backed out last minute of, so I had to do it for him, but I was more than glad to get the experience at the time. By the end of it we had gotten everything we wanted to get and more, so overall it was a success.


One thought on “Options Week Reflection

  1. Hi David,

    Your group has found its flow 🙂 Congratulations on such a successful day – and on being able to critically reflect on what you might have done differently given the opportunity.

    I love that you were able to step in and out of leadership – and that the others were able to step up – it’s a mark of a really functional team 🙂

    I agree that including ages would have strengthened your survey data – are you feeling confident about the analysis?

    Well done 🙂


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