Futures Week Reflection

So last week we discussed our future and it wasn’t so much as an eye opener as it was restating my point (to myself). I still believe that our future will be dark until we discover some way of preserving the Earth and dealing with the very real problem of global warming. Apart from that, I feel that humanity will keep growing as it has, new ideas popping up everywhere, especially with the popularity of the internet. But if we were to talk about personal future, I’m not so sure, no one can ever TRULY predict the future. Sometimes, it’s harder to predict your own future than another’s.

OPTIONS TRAIL ON FRIDAY! I’m excited but nervous. MY group is ready, we have all the resources we need, it’s more a problem of getting ready for actions project. We are all quite confident in ourselves and we’re very ready for this Friday.

Learning Goals. What can I really say? I feel I have sort of achieved some of them (like leadership and independence) but then there are some which I feel I haven’t achieved nearly as much (such as first aid and divergent thinking) which are things that will have to be worked on in future and just something that I have to keeping chipping away at.


One thought on “Futures Week Reflection

  1. Hi David,

    What steps are you & your family taking to try and be more sustainable? Do you think that the change needs to happen on a personal or political / systemic level?

    Your group have done a great job in the lead up to today! I am excited to have you pop by & fill me in on your progress – I also strongly encourage you to take advantage of the potentially amazing resource that is Ms Costello’s husband!

    What still needs to be organised in terms of your action project? Have you worked out who is baking what and started to develop posters? You may need to do work at lunchtime and/or recess.

    We will be covering first aid & cpr next week – divergent thinking includes the willingness & ability to be creative in your brainstorming & problem solving – do you think that’s improved over the course of the term – in your group work or on your own?



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