Week Six Reflection: A Hidden Place

2014-03-05 13.22.10

To the normal person, it would seem that I’m gloomy, sad or trying to hide from something. While in fact, that’s not even close. This is place of serenity, of calmness. This is where a go every week, to get away from everyone else and all the happenings of the week. This is where I am happiest. This is a hidden place, this is My Place. When I first found My Place, I thought it was one of a kind, and that it was like finding the Garden of Eden. But then I learnt, most people have a hidden place, just for others it could be elsewhere. I once met a person, whose hidden place was in the middle of a bustling street. For the longest time I couldn’t understand, but now I do. A persons hidden place doesn’t have to actually be hidden, it just has to be where they feel happiest.


One thought on “Week Six Reflection: A Hidden Place

  1. Hi David,

    That’s lovely 🙂 My favourite image is of the person who finds their serenity in the middle of a bustling street – it’s very evocative & because it seems so counter intuitive – creates a bit of a whirlwind in my brain 🙂

    Just remember to proof-read your writing so that you can pick up on words that might not fit [a vs. I, etc.]

    What was your brainstorming like? Or did this story’s seed get planted while we were at 100 Story Building?



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