Camp Reflection

CAMP! what can I really say? This was one heck of a ride.

A lot happened over camp, so much, that I could probably write a novel, but this will have to do.

Day 1:

The day started off with an excessive amount of time spent in vehicles travelling to the destination. Once we finally got there, it turned out that our bags were stuck, so we spent another 20 minutes fixing that up, so by the time we finally got hiking, it was already around 4:00pm. The hike itself wasn’t all that bad, until we hit the leeches. Oh how people whined. I’d worn jeans, which before that moment I had regretted, but then I saw it’s advantages. By the time we finally got to our camp and set up tent, it was around 6 or 7 o’clock. Right after my group had finished dinner, Scott came over to us and asked which one of us was the most hardcore. Being the confident person I am, I naturally said me. He then dared me to sleep in this pile of twigs (some would call it a hut/shack, but it didn’t even protect me from the rain). I of course said yes and as it turned out, was the right idea. Alex, Lachy and Harry ended up fighting what they described as a dragon and a lot of the other groups had leeches in their tents, while I, who had decided to sleep practically outside, didn’t face a thing, except one mosquito.

Day 2:

Once everyone had gotten up and packed up their tents, we got going again to the next destination. This hike was “interesting” for several reasons. The first was, after I had slept outside I got crowned “the most hardcore” and Alex felt like he wasn’t being hardcore enough, so we both ended up trying to be as “hardcore” as possible. Some of the things we did may have been considered stupid, but in our opinion, unless it has a negative outcome, it is hardcore. The second was more leeches. In the end we made pretty good time and we all got there in one piece. After we spent some time discussing why we were there and having lunch, off we went to where we would be setting up camp. After finally getting there, we met Zoey, who hadn’t been there for the hikes because of injury. Once we’d set up our camps, all the other walking groups starting appearing, setting their tents up. We then went to what I would consider to be the highlight of the camp, caving. This was loads of fun, even if I did scrape my shoulder a couple times. We ended up seeing glow-worms and Scott even called me a bit like Chuck Norris, which in my opinion is one of the best compliments you could really give to someone.


After getting covered in mud, we had a while to just chill with the other groups, which is exactly what we did. Then came the best part, the food! We finally got a hot meal. It was a god-send. After experiencing heaven, we socialized some more and that was the whole day.

Day 3:

The last and final day. Not much happened. We spent a lot of time on the bus, tested water, did a final wrap up, got lunch and went home. It was a fun experience all-in-all and I think I came back with a better understanding of nature and of the other students.



2 thoughts on “Camp Reflection

  1. Hi David,

    Your reflection almost results in more questions than answers! Lots of intrigue and adventure on your camp experience…

    Scott had lots of great things to say about you – he didn’t mention that you were the teen embodiment of Chuck Norris though 😉

    Besides being exceptionally hardcore across the whole of camp – were there any learning goals that you feel you achieved? Did your perspective of the Yarra River change as a result of our focus on waterways?

    It would be great if you could share some photos – there is a link to the camp photos accessible via the wiki – go to the Photo Album page & follow the instructions.

    Sounds like camp was a term highlight – that’s great 🙂


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