Week 1 Reflection

Sooo, our first week of Galileo. What can I say? It was an interesting experience to say the least.

We started off with  the three teachers, introducing themselves to us (Tamar, John and Jane). I was hoping we would jump straight into some work outside of school, but sadly, I was disappointed.

I was quite surprised how open the John, Tamar and Jane were with us about everything, being very straight-forward and telling us everything we needed to know. Homework was the next big surprise, because we wouldn’t be handing in any work really. We would either be doing field work for later presentation, or work on this blog. And here I was thinking this blog was going to be fun!

But the best part of the week by far was when we actually went out and on the Trail around the city. My group included myself, Jerry, Dihan and Mungo. Even though it wasn’t so great to have one of the worst trails which dragged us around the whole city (It wasn’t fun to have to work everywhere) and also not being able to find the Public Purse because it was described as purple.(in case you’re wondering, it’s more brown).

Overall the week was a good introduction and I’m excited for the rest of the term. 🙂


One thought on “Week 1 Reflection

  1. Hi David,

    Good to hear that you enjoyed our approach to teaching – it is really important to be upfront with you all, we feel that it lays the ground for mutual respect and students who feel empowered in their learning.

    Sorry to hear that you found the Capital City Trail exhausting, we had hoped that it would provide an opportunity to feel more at home in the city centre.

    Here’s hoping that you learn to love blogging! It can be a great way to express yourself and develop your writing skills.



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