Critical Question: Communities

‘A sense of connection is the most important aspect of a community.’ Agree or Disagree?

Well first and foremost, let’s cover what a community is and what a connection is.

So what is a community? according to the Oxford Dictionary, a community is “the people of a district or country considered collectively, especially in the context of social values and responsibilities”. So to put it in a more simple fashion, a group of people who live together in terms of responsibility and social ideas/values.

So if that’s what a community is, what is a connection, specifically a connection in a community? Well according to the reliable source, Oxford Dictionary (which added the words “twerk” and “selfie” to the dictionary), a connection is “people with whom one has social or professional contact or to whom one is related, especially those with influence and able to offer one help”. So to me that means a connection in a community is when you have a a social or professional contact with the people in your community. So what having a connection with your community means is that you are in contact in one way or another with the people in your community.

So if I had to pick a side, I think I would have to side with the “agree” side and that is for one simple reason, which is: what really is a community without a sense of connection? some people would say that utilities are more important to a community, but I don’t consider it a community if there is no sense of connection. We don’t consider animals who live together or near each other a community, for the simple reason that they don’t have a connection with one and other. So really, a community is nothing without a connection, the same way a person needs oxygen to live, a community needs people to have connections within it to thrive. If we didn’t have this connection, we would just be a lot of people living in the same general area, having nothing at all in common, so we might as well being living on completely different sides of Australia for all it matters.

So in the end in my opinion, a connection between people is essential within a community and there could be nothing more important.



One thought on “Critical Question: Communities

  1. Week 2 – Critical Question Assessment

    Communities Week

    Hi David,

    You do a great job of unpacking the terms community and connection [though I’m not sure if your reference to the OED including twerk and selfie into the dictionary is celebratory or snide…].

    I am left curious about a couple of your arguments – I always thought that given the opportunity – animals live in packs and have quite strong connections to one another. What helped shape your opinion to the contrary?

    Do you need to be geographically close to have a sense of community? Could you have a stronger sense of connection with someone living on the other side of Australia than the people in your neighbourhood?

    Next time – please make the effort to draw on your experiences from the week – trails, classes and discussions that you might have had with your peers about the theme – doing so will strengthen your argument. You might also wish to consider doing additional research on the theme [beyond the use of dictionary definitions] – the research will add both depth and breadth to your essay.

    Good to see that you’ve caught up on all your work 🙂


    Coherence of argument: level 1 of 2
    Use of evidence: level 0 of 2
    Further Research: level 1 of 1
    Multiple Perspectives: level 0 of 2
    Critical Thinking: level 0 of 1
    Expression & language use: 1 level of 1

    These levels refer to the

    Assessment Rubric.

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